Tuesday, 30 April 2013

Final Thoughts and Questions

What did you think about these final issues?

The Stalls are Complete

Here are images of all the stalls that where created today.
If you have a comment describing your pictures and what they where about i'll add the text next the right one.

todaysmeet.com - the thoughts

This is our question stream from todaysmeet.com. How could you use this tool in class?


Hi Everyone - Post questions here today!
We want everyone to take a creative risk. Leave your inhibitions at the door.
Lets take risks!!
I didn't like being under the table.
Great images and thoughts from Dan.
One of the things taking a risk is about is stepping away. Set up the opportunities for learning and let your classroom be a process centred
Cont. Place of learning. Give your students the time and the space to apply and discover skills
Yes building a bridge.
Bridge success.
Interesting bridge
Great teamwork with the bridge building!
Don't fall
Loving the jellyfish
Dooooont fallllll
Successful bidge! Fab activity.
Did you actually wear Lycra for the superhero project?
Linking literacy units work wwell. Children wrote adventure stories- we created a script and filmed giving chn camerqa and director roles
Where are the biscuits?
Our topic was Italy last term. We made the hall into a plane and I let my g&t children practise flying a virtual plane for the journey. Staf
Any chance of some links to superhero ideas for planning in year 3?
I just heard a group say 'we could make a beach!'- do it!!!!!!
Overheard- 'Right, I don't wanna just sit here. Let's go'
From a student- 'I think you should go back and do exactly the same thing with your classes tomorrow. Don't change a thing

Risk Taking in Class - Lets put it into practice.

Education Fair.
What would you do with a picture and some random objects?
What lesson or learning activity could you come up with?

Images of you all hard at work creating your stalls.

What process did you go through to plan your risk and control the risk?

The afternoon of the education fair.

The Fair in full swing.

How did it feel to get your ideas seen by the children?

Gever Tulley

Look again at the video. www.tinkeringschool.com

And another...

Bridge Building Success!!!

Managing Risk.

Think about what can you minimise.

Think it through!

Great Ideas and Success Criteria

Anne Frank

So what was it like under the table?
What did it feel like?

Course Start!

The course kicks off with a bang!