Monday, 16 August 2010

Messages in Bottles.

Project abstract:

This project aims to provide the children with a wow factor outdoor space. It looks to explore creative use of the outdoor spaces around the reception classroom. Creativity within and around these spaces places in which the children can engage in child initiated play and learning. The project looks to centre its learning on creative storytelling and child initiated writing.  The projects main audience will be an identified group of reluctant writers. The project also looks to develop ways in which the Early Years network can join together and celebrate its practice by bringing children staff and school communities together.

Desired Outcomes.


         To deliver a collection of creative learning experiences.
  • To create an outdoor space that promotes writing.
  • To increase the children’s confidence and commitment to constructing their own learning, increasing their confidence in developing child initiated play.
  • To create an environment that engages the reluctant writers, providing them with a space that makes them want to write.
  • Developing a space in which physical play can compliment other areas of learning.


What is already in place to support this project:

Support from team members and other identified colleagues
  • Resources available


    Why are these outcomes important to the collective or individual. (ecology.)

    I want to explore how the children will respond to this different learning setting… How the children will use their imaginative responses… I want to see and feel a wow factor in that space…I want to see boys and girls enthused about writing, really encouraged to creative independent pieces of writing. (Karen)


    This project will give the children a unique and stimulating opportunity to be truly creative and lead their own learning.


    What will be the performance measures?


    The creation of some stimulating outdoor spaces.

    The creation of the, “Message in a bottle” Project.

    The creation of writing journals.

    An event that includes the school and network community.

    Pieces of independent writing created by the identified reluctant writers.

    A range of creative mark making activities.

    The creation of an outdoor learning space in which physical play complements writing and mark making.

    A collection a schools send stories to each other in bottles, these become collaborative stories that organically grow as the children continue to send stories to each other and other children across the borough.

    What will be the success criteria?


    Reluctant writers engage in child initiated writing activities.

    An identified group of learners use the outside spaces in a more purposeful way.


    Reluctant writers choose to write.

    We get that wow factor

    The project impacts upon the progression of an identified group of reluctant writers.

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