Wednesday, 4 November 2009


How and where would you use a beebot?

Moving around a maze. Ch. create own maze.
Tell a story i.e. story mat for a book/ch. own stories.
Letters to make words. Make up words/CVC words.
Ch. make own grids based on a topic.
Use with a pen to draw shapes.
Small world play - customise it.
sets of instructions: one place to another can differentiate for abilities
storyboards: context of a well known story
counting: numbers labelled in sections, can you get to this number?
Letter sounds, can you get the beebot to the ch sound?
Road safety: stop when it's red go when its green
map journey to school, diff landmarks ch pass on way to school
Beebot software with mats on screen, move 3D bee bot around screen, google map of school

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  1. Children can also dress beebots, to suit topic. This makes the learning process more engaging.